“The Story of the Year” by Antiquarian Circus is not an ordinary theatrical New Year & Christmas show but a mix of theatre and circus — contemporary circus, to be precise. It is not the actors’ skill that is most essential here but the magic atmosphere and intonation.

You will see acrobats flying up into the air. Equilibrists balancing with any kind of stuff from flowers to umbrellas. You will laugh at the clowns’ jokes — they are no ordinary clowns, you’re going to love them. You will also enjoy music played by a string quartet —  from Rossini to Altai folk songs. This show has no need in words: wonder speaks for itself.

When: December 25 – 29 day and night
January 3 – 8 day and night

Duration: 1 hour

You may come to see the show with a little baby. Children of age under 1 year do not need a separate ticket given that they do not occupy separate chair.

Событие: ИСТОРИЯ ГОДА / декабрь