Сентенции Пантелея Карманова. Английская версия

Directed by: Zara ANTONYAN
50 min

Sentensii Panteleya Karmanova (The Maxims of Panteley Karmanov) is the first of many works written by Ivan Viripaev. Mixing the ancient writing-form of maxims with a contemporary textual style, Viripaev explores questions of love and life with intense interest and bright humor, despite the seemingly absurd and serious circumstances which surround his hero, Panteley, in Post-Soviet Russia. Panteley travels from Siberia to Moscow over eleven years after a prophetic dream, watching himself and others search for meaning in their chaotic lives. After performing the piece in Moscow for two years, Ochsner agreed with Viripaev that in order to translate the text, he would need to adapt Panteley’s name to Peter and his adventure from Russia to an analogous American reality. Ochsner has done so, while preserving shadows of the original Russian text. That bilingual adaptation, The Maxims of Peter Pockets, has been performed in Colorado and New York City. When considering the political and territorial conflicts at the present moment, particularly between Russian and Western cultures, it seems that a play about love and the purpose of existence which was originally staged in Russian and subsequently adapted to the American reality might serve as an ambassador for valuable dialogue between these cultures today. This solo-performance is a fully composed, fast-paced, rhythmic tour-de-force, in which direct contact with the audience brings to life the most important character in this New Drama form: Text. We would like to thank you for your consideration and time.


Original text by Ivan VIRIPAEV
Directed by Zara ANTONYAN
Actor: Stephen OCHSNER
Music: Benjamin PRAW, Stephen OCHSNER, Zara ANTONYAN
Images: Vahe AKOPYAN, Leonora CARRINGTON
Lightning Design: Maxim BIRYUKOV